How to Buy or Send Bitcoin with BudgetCoinz

Step by step video guides:

How to buy/send Bitcoin using a BudgetCoinz Bitcoin ATM

Detailed Version (With Images)

1. Select Cryptocurrency

2. Select Buy

3. Select desired purchase limit

4. Enter mobile phone number

5. Enter the one-time passcode sent to your mobile phone

6. Scan Gov ID

(Only for transactions greater than $1,000)

7. Take a photo of yourself

(Only for transactions greater than $1,000)

8. Scan Wallet Address (destination address)

If you have a wallet already, scan the QR by placing your device or paper wallet on the scanner.

9. Insert desired CASH amount into the cash slot

NO Credit/Debit Cards

10. Press “BUY” to complete your transaction

You’re done!

Your funds will be sent immediately after completing your transaction