How To Send or Transfer Bitcoin From Paper Wallet

Detailed Version (With Images)

To send Bitcoin from your paper wallet, you first need to transfer them off the paper wallet to a mobile application.  In this example, we will use the blockchain app.  If you do not have the Blockchain app, you can download it here (iPhone) or here (Android).

  1. Open the blockchain app on your mobile phone and click Menu at the top.

2. Select Addresses

3. Click the ‘+’ button near the imported addresses

If you are prompted with permission request, select OK.

4. Scan the private key with your camera. Do not scan the public key, it will not work. Hold your hand over the public key to prevent yourself from accidentally scanning it instead of the private key.

Once you’ve scanned the private key QR code, you should be presented with a success message. Click OK.

5. Now that you’ve imported your bitcoin paper wallet, we need to send/transfer the bitcoin to the wallet. Click Transfer Funds.

6. Confirm the details by clicking send at the bottom. This will finalize the transfer from the imported paper wallet to your blockchain wallet.

You should get a message stating that your payment has been sent.  You may choose to archive the transaction or not.  Make your selection to continue.  

7. Click Home

You should see a recent transaction that shows received on the activity screen.  Verify the funds are available by going to your dashboard.

8. You’re Done!  That’s how you transfer bitcoin from a paper wallet.  Your funds should now appear in the dashboard. From here, you can send the bitcoin to anyone of your choosing.